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Earn More from Your Medicare Insurance

About LifeShepherd

LifeShepherd is designed for active adults who are enrolled or about to enroll in Medicare but have no plans of slowing down! LifeShepherd helps you find and use free benefits through your Medicare insurance plan and earn extra cash back rewards regardless of the type of plan you have!  The LifeShepherd app is FREE and compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets or iPads. 

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How Can I Enroll in LifeShepherd?

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Your health and your time are your most important assets.  We make it simple for you to discover and take advantage of all of the benefits of your Medicare Insurance plan and earn additional rewards for staying active and healthy. You can enroll directly by downloading our app and signing up as an individual for LifeShepherd Rewards.





Your independent insurance agent may be able to help enroll you in the LifeShepherd and qualify you for rewards. If you don't have an independent insurance agent in your area - we can help you find one!
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55+ Communities

Living in an active adult or other age restricted community is one of the easiest ways to join LifeShepherd. If your community has registered with LifeShepherd all you have to do is enter your community code!  

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"Today is the the youngest you’ll ever be again."

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