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We Help Active Adults and Their Communities Remain Connected

About LifeShepherd

LifeShepherd is designed for active adults and couples who are 55+ but have no plans of slowing down! The LifeShepherd app is FREE and compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets or iPads. Our goal is to REWARD our members for living their life to the fullest while staying connected with their friends, families and communities.
Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Senior Couple


At LifeShepherd, we believe that the best part of life is always continuing to do the things you love and to be able to connect with those you care about the most - your family and friends. We make it easy to keep in touch with everyone while you are on the go -- whether traveling to your winter destination or just stopping by the weekly farmer's market in town.


Living in a 55+ or other age restricted community is one of the easiest ways to join LifeShepherd. All you have to do is enter your community code and you can instantly start connecting with your neighbors, friends and family and see what is going on in your community!


Being part of a social or civic organization is another way active adults can join. LifeShepherd allows members to easily keep track of meetings and events and communicate with other members - even when you can't make it to the lodge or club. You will also become part of the LifeShepherd rewards program to earn even more rewards from your membership.


Medicare Advantage insurance plans are quickly becoming the coverage of choice for many older Americans because of their ability to customize special benefits for their members not available in traditional medicare. Your Medicare Advantage plan may offer you the ability to automatically join LifeShepherd!

Friends On A Walk
Trees and Mountains

"Today is the the youngest you’ll ever be again."

Eleanor Roosevelt

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